CyberDriver Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

Hook Motion Pictures (HMP) has released a trailer for a new action thriller: CyberDriver.


A total of 100,000 Followers, CHP - AAD, Retro Cap CyberDriver.

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Embarcadero Center World Map / San Francisco Bay

Prior operations

CyberDriver is a follow up of Walk In The Park.


1. Watch the movie trailer at the Hackerspace

Go back to the Hackerspace, talk to Wrench and watch the movie trailer together.

2. Drive to HMP Studios

It's pretty far away, so you can use the car parked outside the HQ to get there.

At the place hack the gate terminal or simply jump over the wall and enter the area.

3. Hack into HMP's Studio 3

Go forward until you reach the studio 3 area. It is a restricted area and you shouldn't enter it, so you have to use one of your gadgets - RC Jumper to infiltrate it. Inside the building you have to avoid the guards, workers are not a threat.

Here are the fastest and the easiest ways to get required data.

3.1. Steal the movie script

Movie script is inside the small, locked room located on the ground floor in the right part of the building.

Enter the building through the ventilation shaft.

Hack the camera next to the guard standing in from of the room where movie script is.

Switch to next camera until you get control over the camera at the back of the studio. It will allow you to activate the junction box.

Switch back to the camera next to the guard and hack the vent to the left. The guard will begin to patrol the area and will be electrocuted and you will be able to safely enter the room through the vent.

Download movie script from the tablet lying on the desk.

Another way to get access to this room is to find an access key. You can acquire an access key by hacking the laptop located on the top level of the studio, next to big subway car but this way is imo much more dangerous and takes much more time.

Video walkthrough.

3.2. Download studio emails

Go to the plaza on the left side of the building and locate two vending machines and two trash bins. Climb on trash bins then climb on boarded roof to the right - yup, it is possible :-)

Activate the RC Jumper, open the vent located next to the locked door and get into the building.

There is one more vent inside, open it and get inside the small room.

Hack the server standing on the closet in the middle of the room.

Video walkthrough.

4. Leave the area

Just leave the area marked on the map.

Reward: 27,000 Followers.

5. Meet with the paparazzi

Next plan! Meet with Sitara's contact to find the car.

Go the the area marked on your map. Paparazzi is on the roof of The Old Gypsy Pub.

Go to the back of the building and climb on the crates and semi-trailer to get to the roof. Now you can talk to the paparazzi and make a deal with him.

6. Steal the car

Go to the parking where the car is supposed to be. Unfortunately the area is patrolled by a few guards.

Go around to the back entrance and stun the nearest guard then stun another one standing next to the truck trailer.

If you are fast and lucky then other guards shouldn't notice that. Go and open the truck trailer, car is inside it.

7. Escape your pursuers

You need to escape from a police chase.

Check the minimap for the location of police cars and helicopter and try to keep out of their sight, e.g. try to hide somewhere. 

Once enemies are searching, you must break line of sight for a certain time. You can also hide in a car to reduce your visibility. Press [C] to duck down in your parked vehicle.

8. Drive the car to Wrench's garage

After losing the police you need to drive the car to the hackers' garage.

Reward: 27,000 Followers.

9. Find Key Data in Embarcadero Center

Wrench is looking into the car's schematics.

Go to the Embarcadero Center garage.

Data you need is guarded by three security guys. Neutralize them and pick up the suitcase.

10. Meet with Wrench

Lights! VR goggles! Action. DedSec's ready to show them what this car can really do in the hands of hackers.

Go back to the garage and enter the car.

11. Perform the stunts remotely

You have to drive through consecutive gates, each one will award you additional time. At some point the police will join the race and will try to catch you. Don't let them to stop you.

Operation is over and you are back at the hackerspace.

Reward: 46,000 Followers.

After completing CyberDriver you will get or will be able to get another operation - False Profits.

After completing CyberDriver you will get or will be able to get another operation - Haum Sweet Haum.