Eye For An Eye Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

Horatio has gone missing and DedSec is worried about him. You need to track him down.


A total of 324,000 Followers.

Prior operations

Eye For An Eye will or may be obtained during W4tched.


1. Track back Horatio's cellphone

Go to the last known location of Horatio.

Horatio has been kidnapped.

2. Track Horatio's kidnapper

The Tezcas took Horatio, and the only one you could identify is gang-member Luis Travino. Find him and maybe you can find Horatio.

Find Luis Travino's house and go inside.

Your friend Horatio is dead.

3. Break into the Tezcas hangout

With RC Quadcopter this task is very simple and you have to disable just two dogs. Sometimes even that is not necessary.

3.1. Download Tezcas operation info

Use RC Quadcopter and hack the computer remotely.

Open this window and get inside.

If dogs patrolling the courtyard can sniff you then wait for them in the room.

Go outside, take cover and wait for download to complete.

3.2. Switch the irrigation system

Use RC Quadcopter and switch it remotely.

Video walkthrough.

4. Leave the Tezcas hangout / Escape your pursuers

Reward: 32,400 Followers.

5. Meet DedSec scout at the harbor

Nobody messes with DedSec and it's time the Tezcas understood that little life lesson... by destroying their cocaine shipment.

6. Destroy the crates of cocaine [0/4]

Video walkthrough. This task can be completed in many different ways. Here is one of them, far from being perfect but successful one :-)

Another, and imo the easiest way to finish this objective is to call an enemy gang or a police squad (required research: ). After the shootout, the whole area and all crates of cocaine should be easily accessible.

7. Leave the cargo area

Reward: 32,400 Followers.

8. Meet DedSec scout near rendez-vous

Screw the Tezcas for what they did to Horatio, and trust me, you're going to screw them hard.

DedSec scout is on the roof.

9. Avenge Horatio's death

There are many traps in the area that you can use for neutralizing Travino, Guttierez and Huerta. You can switch between cameras but RC Quadcopter will provide the best insight into the situation.

9.1. Neutralize Travino

9.2. Neutralize Guttierez

9.3. Neutralize Huerta

Video walkthrough.

10. Leave the area

Reward: 24,300 Followers.

11. Meet DedSec scout in New Mainland

The Tezcas murdered Horatio, so cut the head off the snake by going after their boss, Pablo the Skinner.

DedSec scout is on the roof. You can climb here.

12. Neutralize Pablo the Skinner

12.1. Enter Pablo's underground hideout

Hide somewhere near the entrance, e.g. here.

Switch between cameras and use one of the traps to disable the guard on the roof. When the guard patrolling the walkway sees what happened, he will alert the others, and all the guards will begin to move to the roof. It will be a good time to run into the building.

Find an elevator and use it to get to the underground part of the building.

Use NetHack and one of the cameras to acquire the access key to the locked door.

Pablo is in the small room on the other side of the main room where the dogfight takes place. You can get there through the locker room on the right side or along the corridor on the left side.

Pablo the Skinner.

13. Leave the hideout

Return to the elevator and get out.

14. Escape the Tezcas / Escape your pursuers

This stage is optional, eliminate Pablo quietly to avoid it.

Run as fast as you can or kill all the bastards. If you choose to kill them then wait inside the building and let them come to you.

15. For Horatio!

Reward: 234,900 Followers.

After completing Eye For An Eye you will get or will be able to get another operation - Hack Teh World.