False Profits Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

DedSec propaganda took a hit thanks to the Church of the New Dawn. Sitara's pissed, but eager to come up with a retaliation plan.


A total of 150,000 Followers, Newly Dawned Pinstripe Jacket, New Dawn Rags Mask.

Prior operations

False Profits is a follow up of CyberDriver.


1. Meet Sitara at the Hackerspace

Go to the Hackerspace. Sitara is waiting for you there.

2. Meet Sitara at New Dawn protest

DedSec's going to dig for dirt at New Dawn's recruitment center, starting with their celebrity shill, Jimmy Siska.

Go to the area marked on your map and talk to one of the protesters.

3. Download New Dawn's profile data

Find a vent on the left side of the building and use RC Jumper to get in.

There is another vent on the opposite side of the room leading to the ventilation tunnel connecting all three rooms located on the ground floor. You can safely hack the laptop in the front room and get access key without leaving ventilation duct.

Now you have to get to the upper floor of the building. Go through the room on the right side of the building to the front room and then up the stairs. Watch the guards patrolling the area, good timing is essential. With the help of junction box eliminate the patrolling guard on the top floor when he will be passing near the stairs.

Quickly go to the end of the room, where the terminal is located - go the side without guards, non-guards are not a threat. When the other guards are busy with the unconscious guard at the top of the stairs, use the junction box on the wall next to the terminal to disable a guard standing there.

Now you can safely connect to the terminal.

When the message "Marcus out of range" pops up, callback RC Jumper and switch back to Marcus. To be in range, move him closer to the main entrance to the building (blue circle on minimap) and wait for the completion of the download.

Video walkthrough.

4. Leave the recruitment center

Leave the area (run outside an orange circle marked on the map).

Reward: 27,000 Followers.

5. Interview Jimmy Siska

DedSec set up a fake audit with Jimmy Siska to grill him for any information you can use against New Dawn.

6. Meet Miranda by the beach

Jimmy Siska shared rumors about the "Red Room", a New Dawn compound where they take troublesome members for rehab. If there're any matches to burn the church down, you'll find them there.

7. Steal the registry of occupants

To get the registry, you need to get access to the server located in one of the houses in the restricted area. If you want to do it quickly, quietly and safely then you should use RC Jumper. My method include the use of social engineering skill - Create Distraction.

Approach the restricted area (but don't enter it) from the beach side and use RC Jumper.

Video walkthrough.

8. Bust out Jimmy Siska

Jimmy Siska is locked inside the building at the back of the camp. You can again use RC Jumper to get there and make him free.

Video walkthrough.

9. Leave the educational center

Reward: 27,000 Followers.

10. Meet Jimmy near the New Dawn temple

What kind of embarassing secrets is the New Dawn Temple hiding? Time for you to find out with Jimmy Siska's help.

11. Find the Sumerian tablets

11.1. Get into the temple's basement

Enter restricted area through the main gate and walk along the fence until you reach the back of the main building. All the doors to the building are closed so you must first find a way to unlock them.

Activate RC Jumper and locate this building. There is terminal which will unlock the doors and one guard inside.

Enter the temple using the door on the left side.

Go to the upper floor and use the security router.


It will activate the puzzle.

Solve the puzzle with the help of RC Jumper, it is smaller than Marcus and more difficult to spot by the guards.

You need to connect two blue lines to each locked padlock (it will turn blue) then click it to unlock it, etc.

When the puzzle is solved, you can activate the elevator and go down to the secret room.

11.2. Investigate the tablets

12. Escape the temple grounds

The easiest way would be to go out the same way you had come here just the other direction.

Rewards: 96,000 Followers, Newly Dawned Pinstripe Jacket, New Dawn Rags Mask.

After completing False Profits you will get or will be able to get another operation - Paint Job.

After completing False Profits you will get or will be able to get another operation - Looking Glass.