Hacker War Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

Your network got hacked and DedSec's scrambling to fix the problem. Time to see what's up.


A total of 260,000 Followers.

Prior operations

Hacker War is a follow up of Limp Nudle.


1. Uncover the source of the cat

Go back to the Hackerspace.

You will also receive two new operations - $911 (side operation) and W4tched (main operation).

2. Confront Lenni

Lenni has demands? Fine. Meet her and figure out what she wants. That way we'll know how to deal with her.

Go to the Lucky Pierre's bar and talk to the bartender.

3. Sabotage Prime_Eight Operation

Let's see if Prime_Eight and Sons of Ragnarok will be friends after we break their toys at Rhonda's Restaurant.

4. Destroy the rigged ATMs [0/3]

You need to destroy three ATM's. You can use RC Jumper to do it.

You will find the first ATM in a hut located at the eastern border of the restricted area. Jump in through a hole in the roof.

Second ATM in behind the main building of the restaurant. Approach it from the west side of the building.

Third ATM in a building with a boat located on the west side of the area.

You can start here, outside of the restricted area.

5. Leave the biker hangout

Reward: 27,000 Followers.

6. Obtain bunker location from Lenni

DedSec's proved its point. The ransomware decryption key has to be on a computer inside Prime_Eight bunker. Time to get the location of that bunker.

Go back to Lenni.

She thinks that she is smart, ....

... but she isn't :-)

7. Drive to the Prime_Eight bunker

8. Infiltrate the Prime_Eight bunker

Approach the bunker area from this side.

There are many traps here, that you can activate e.g. with the help of RC Quadcopter.

Disable nearby guards and enter the bunker.

9. Acquire Prime_Eight decryption key

10. Disable Lenni's trap

You have five minutes to solve this puzzle. There are four separate sections of the circuit, disable them one by one. For each of them, Lenni will try to disturb you and at some point will rearrange nodes.

Reward: 233,000 Followers.

Video walkthrough.