Haum Sweet Haum Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

It's never a dull moment with Wrench around. Time to meet up with him at his garage and figure what's up.


A total of 150,000 Followers, Fidel Cap WKZ.

Prior operations

Haum Sweet Haum is a follow up of CyberDriver.


1. Meet Wrench at his garage

Talk to Wrench at his garage.

You will find out about a new operating system and a challenge to DedSec.

2. Acquire HAUM's delivery information

"Acquire" a HAUM 2.0 pre-order shipment for DedSec's personal use.

Entrance to the Haum warehouse.

Use the RC Jumper here and drive into the vent.

Hack the terminal to unlock the door.

As Marcus, enter the room and use this computer.

3. Steal the HAUM truck shipment

Hack this camera.

Turn on NetHack, find the guard with access key and hack him when it becomes possible (he can't be behind a wall, etc.).

Jump into water, swim to the pier with HAUM truck and use the ladder.

Disable the guard or wait for him to move somewhere else and steal the truck. Drive out of the restricted area, you can open the gates while driving.

Video walkthrough.

4. Escape your pursuers

Escape the police. There are a lot of off-road places (parks, etc.) to the west, you can try to hide somewhere there.

5. Deliver the truck to Wrench

Head back to Wrench.

Reward: 18,000 Followers.

6. Return to the Hackerspace

Unleash the kraken and start the hackathon.

7. Reach the Ahed Housing Complex

Test the Zero Day on HAUM's model smart house in the Ahed Housing complex.

Find the control cabinet outside the property.

8. Test the HAUM 2.0 zero day

Find this vent and use RC Jumper to get inside.

Hack this device.

9. Download the server's recordings

Go upstairs and turn left, beware a robot patrolling the room.

Server is behind this door.

Wait for download to complete.

Video walkthrough.

10. Leave the area

Reward: 18,000 Followers.

11. Locate the HAUM 2.0 signal source

Investigate the concept of "Smart Homes as a Service". Laugh.

Locate and use this control box.

12. Tap into HAUM's data retrieval system

If you already have a quadcopter and researched ... then this and following objective will be very easy to complete.

Entrance to the HAUM Electronics Inc building.

Use RC Quadcopter to remotely, through a window, hack the server inside the building.

Use RC Quadcopter to adjust all nodes and activate the last one on top of the building.

13. Download HAUM's collected data

Switch between cameras inside the server room ...

... and hack main terminal.

Video walkthrough.

14. Leave the area / Escape your pursuers

Reward: 27,000 Followers.

15. Meet up with Wrench

Hack into the launch of HAUM 2.0 and show the users the BS they're really buying.

16. Drive to Sutro Tower

17. Reboot Sutro's system

Server terminal you are looking for, is located at the first floor of the main building.

You can enter the restricted area through the hole in the fence, you need to use RC Jumper.

Drive up. Be aware of the guard patrolling the area and stairs.

This is the server which you need to hack.

18. Reach the top of Sutro Tower

Only Marcus can complete this objective.

Climb here ...

... and then sneak to the entrance to the tower.

19. Align transmitter toward WKZ

To get access to all nodes, you will have to switch between cameras or you can use RC Quadcopter.

Rotate the antenna.

Mission is over and now it is time for a long cutscene.

Rewards: 87,000 Followers, Fidel Cap WKZ.

After completing Haum Sweet Haum you will get or will be able to get another operation - Looking Glass.