Limp Nudle Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

With Raymond f'ing Kenney on our side, we've got what it takes to go after Blume. Ray and Sitara seem to have the first step figured out.


A total of 200,000 Followers, Nudle Car, Nudle Swag Dev Team Short.

Prior operations

Limp Nudle is a follow up of Looking Glass.


1. Meet Ray at the Hackerspace

Talk to Ray at the Hackerspace.

2. Meet Horatio at the clothing store

Nudle and Blume seem to be exchanging user data, but good news... a bug in Nudle's server farm might give us our first shot at taking down Blume.

3. Take the Nudle bus with Horatio

4. Complete bus route to Nudle Campus

5. Follow Horatio

6. Install a backdoor into Nudle Access Nudle's server farm

6.1. Access Nudle's server farm

6.2. Distract Brody

6.3. Locate the central server

6.4. Plant a backdoor on the central server

7. Meet Horatio outside Nudle

After completing Limp Nudle you will get or will be able to get another operation - Hacker War.