Looking Glass Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

There's trouble at the Hackerspace and you need to figure out what's happening - fast.


A total of 200,000 Followers, Swelter Outfit Sun Cap, !NViTE Swag Grey Cardigan.

Prior operations

Looking Glass is a follow up of Haum Sweet Haum.

Prior operations

Looking Glass is a follow up of False Profits.


1. Meet Sitara and the others at the Hackerspace

Talk to Sitara at the Hackerspace.

2. Investigate !Nvite's false accounts

Someone is using deactivated and inert accounts at social media giant !Nvite to bolster DedSec's numbers. Time to figure out who and why at !Nvite.

You can start the mission here.

3. Access the elevator to the CEO's office

Take control of this camera ...

... and use it to hack this laptop, you will acquire an access key. The doors are unlocked, you can enter the building now.

CEO's office elevator is not working, you have to restore its power. Go upstairs, find and hack this terminal.

Now you can use the elevator and go up.

It's time for a very interesting cutscene.

4. Escape !Nvite

You need to escape from the building.

5. Escape your pursuers

6. Meet DedSec at the Hackerspace

DedSec got fucked. Big time. We've got to find a way to get it back together and survive this as a team.

7. Explore Swelter Skelter

Find and talk to all your teammates: Josh, Sitara, Wrench and Ratio. They are all marked on your minimap.

8. Regroup for a team photo

Regroup in front of the big statue in the middle of the camp.

9. Complete the Hacker Challenge

Take control of quadcopter flying overhead ...

... and use it to hack the device located on top of the statue.

Adjust nodes.

It's time for a cutscene. Rey will join your team.

Reward: 200,000 Followers, Swelter Outfit Sun Cap.

After completing Looking Glass you will get or will be able to get another operation - Limp Nudle.