Power To The Sheeple Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

The Galilei satellite has yielded some pretty interesting information about the upcoming election, so time to have some fun.


A total of 500,000 Followers, T-Shirt Thrussted, !NViTE Swag T-Shirt.

Prior operations

Power To The Sheeple is a follow up of Hack Teh World.


1. Talk to Sitara at the Hackerspace

Talk to Sitara at the Hackerspace.

2. Graffiti Thruss's billboard

Send a message to Congressman Thruss by "prettying up" his annoying, giant sign.

Reward: 32,4000 Followers.

3. Meet Sitara near !Nvite

Infiltrate the social media giant that you know oh so well, thank you very much for the fake followers, !Nvite.

4. Infiltrate !Nvite

4.1. Install backdoor on !Nvite servers

4.2. Tap !Nvite CEO's phone

5. Leave !Nvite's offices / Escape your pursuers

Reward: 32,400 Followers.

6. Meet Sitara outside City Hall

You want intel, then it's time to take the game to Thruss with some good old fashioned cloak and dagger spying.

7. Reach Thruss's penthouse

8. Tap into the camera network

Climb up here.

9. Meet Wrench on the rooftop

10. Download evidence

11. Escape

Reward: 32,400 Followers.

12. Meet Josh near Fort Point

DedSec has to stop Thruss's last, desperate attempt to steal the election, and he needs to be taught a lesson in Democracy.

13. Destroy the voting machines [0/4]

14. Escape Fort Point / Escape your pursuers

Rewards: 402,800 Followers, T-Shirt Thrussted, !NViTE Swag T-Shirt.

After completing Power To The Sheeple you will get or will be able to get another operation - Motherload.