Prologue Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

After starting the game, you will find yourself in the backyard of the Blume ctOS Server Farm facility in San Francisco.

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Hackerspace World Map / San Francisco Bay


1. Infiltrate the ctOS data center

Your first task is to infiltrate the ctOS data center. The entrance to the facility is on the other side of the building. To get there, you have to go past the security guy on the upper level of the building and next to two other guards patrolling the parking lot in front of the building. You can try to sneak past the guards, melee them, or use the shock gun to temporarily disable them.

First security guy patrolling upper part of the building.

You can hack the parking lot camera to check location of the guards. 

There is a precious item in the container on the other side of the parking lot, pick it up.

Entrance to the building, door is locked.

To open the door, you need to follow dataflow to the Closed Circuit Terminal and unlock it.

You can enter the building now.

2. Wipe your profile

After a short cutscene you will receive next objective, you have to wipe your personal data.

2.1. Shut down the server tower

First, you need to get to the server tower. Check the glass door at the end of the room.

Door is locked so you need to locate and acquire the access key. Go back to the room where the disabled guards are, toggle NetHack, take control over the camera and then hack the laptop.

 Now you can unlock the door and move on. Go down the hallway and enter the server tower, you are at level 3.

Go to level 5, there are two guards patrolling there and physically hack the terminal.

2.2. Climb inside the server tower

Go to the top level (level 7) and locate the ventilation shaft hatch, open it.

2.3. Access ctOS database

After a cutscene, go to the level below you (you can jump) and enter the control room.

Try hacking the main terminal, switch to NetHack, turn on security router and redirect two nearby nodes in the appropriate direction - lines must be blue.

Now you are ready to start wiping your personal data, use the router and the main terminal again. It's time for another cutscene.

3. Escape by the server tower basement

When you regain control over your character, hack the control panel next to the guard and trigger nonlethal shock.

Now you have to get to the server tower basement, try to avoid as many guards as possible. After reaching it, you will be taken over by members of DedSec and the prologue will end.

It's time for a long cutscene. You are now a member of DedSec.

4. Install Nudle Maps on your phone

Turn on your new phone, open App Shop and install the Nudle Maps App. It is a huge map of the game world.

5. Buy new pants at a clothing shop

Go to any of the clothing shops or kiosks (you can use fast travel option to get there) and buy new pants.

6. Reach the DedSec hackerspace

Check your map for the Hackerspace marker. Entrance is at the back of Gary's Games & Glory shop.

7. Talk to Wrench

7.1. Unlock a Skill using the ./Research App

Use your phone, run ./Research App and unlock your first skill.

7.2. Print the RC Jumper and any weapon

7.2.1. Print any weapon

Use 3D printer to print 4N00bs pistol.

7.2.2. Print the RC Jumper

Use 3D printer to print the RC Jumper.

8. Talk to Horatio

9. Visit the Follower Wall

After completing Prologue you will get or will be able to get another operation - Walk In The Park.