Robot Wars Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

DedSec plans to get inside Tidis proper and expose their secret programs, but to get past security, we need a plan. Since we're dealing with Tidis, the plan need to be bulletproof.


A total of 500,000 Followers.

Prior operations

Robot Wars is a follow up of Hack Teh World.


1. Meet Wrench at the garage

Go to the garage and activate the robot.

2. Reach Tidis repair depot

Drive to Tidis repair depot and get out of the vehicle.

3. Ready Wrench Jr for operation

First, you should get an access key. Activate NetHack and switch between cameras until you get access to this laptop.

Now it's time to use RC Jumper. You can start at the front desk, it's still a safe area. You can safely jump over the counter to the left of the entrance with laser sensors.

3.1. Gather 3 EMP parts

All the parts are in the waste containers.

EMP part #1 (in the building, ground floor)

EMP part #2 (in the building, upper floor, control room)

EMP part #3 (outside the building)

Video walkthrough.

3.2. Open the door for Wrench

Use RC Jumper again and hack the computer in the reception room.

3.3. Plant EMP on Wrench Jr

Go outside, open the loading platform door ...

... and plant EMP on the robot.

3.4. Leave the repair depot

Reward: 36,000 Followers.

4. Meet Ray near Silicon Valley sign

DedSec's about to infiltrate the Tidis building, but we're not going in blind. First we need to meet up and coordinate a game plan.

5. Reach Tidis front entrance

It's time for DedSec to crash Tidis' beyond-the-state-of-the-art robotics building and uncover their abuse of taxpayer dollars to create weapons of war.

6. Uncover the machinations at Tidis

6.1. Detonate EMP in Server Room

Video walkthrough.

6.2. Download project files from server / Reach elevator to prototype labs

Video walkthrough.

6.3. Explore Tidis prototype labs

7. Take control of the Spiderdrone

8. Destroy Tidis prototype labs

9. Destroy servers power supply

Reward: 464,000 Followers.

After completing Robot Wars you will get or will be able to get another operation - Motherload.