Shanghaied Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

Looks like the man-in-the-middle play off Blume's satellite backbone is paying off in dividends. Time to visit the Hackerspace to see what else DedSec scored.


A total of 600,000 Followers, Laptop Bag Chinese, Sweatshirt East Beast.

Prior operations

Shanghaied is a follow up of Hack Teh World.


1. Meet DedSec at the Hackerspace

At the beginning of the operation you will get two more main operations - Robot Wars and Power To The Sheeple.

Talk to Ray at the Hackerspace.

2. Investigate the shipping container near Bay Bridge

The Auntie Shu Boys are smuggling something in cargo containers and you need to find out what's inside them and what the Shu are up to.

Use a crane to remove one of the shipping containers and gain access to the one you are looking for.

3. Leave the area

Leave the area marked on the map.

4. Meet Sitara's informant in Chinatown

Talk to the guy sitting in the alley.

5. Find documents in the safe

The Auntie Shu Boys are smuggling in people with serious skills, and the reason why needs equally serious answers.

Video walkthrough.

6. Leave the area

Rewards: 28,800 Followers, Laptop Bag Chinese.

7. Reach the lighthouse in Marin

Locating that Auntie Shu Barge is the easy part. The hard part is dragging it close to San Francisco.

You can climb here.

8. Hack into the barge

Switch between satelites and find O.S.V. Ahab.

9. Hack the Barge's admin terminal

9.1. Find login for terminal

First, you need an access key. Switch between cameras and locate the guard who has it.

Find and activate the robot (Remote Control Car).

Jump on the here. It will allow you to enter the ventilation shaft under the ceiling.

Inside the room on the other side you will find computer. Hack it to get login.

9.2. Find admin's password

Switch to the "moving camera" and hack this panel to get password.

Now you can switch back to the first camera and hack admin's terminal.

10. Meet DedSec member at pier in Marin

You want to know what the Auntie Shu Boys know? Try sneaking aboard the barge when it's close enough and stealing their main server, just for shits and giggles.

11. Get to the barge

Enter the speed-boat and use it to get to the ship.

12. Steal the main server tower

Enter the ship here.

12.1. Use the terminal to locate the server

One of the guards patrolling the ship has an access key. You can use RC Quadcopter to locate and hack him remotely.

Terminal in in the small room located in the upper part of the vessel. You can use RC Jumper to sneak up there.

12.2. Reach the server

Use NetHack and take control of forklift.

12.3. Move the server with a forklift

12.4. Use the elevator to reach top deck

There is elevator's control panel next to it.

12.5. Wait for extraction

Avoid the guards for one minute.

12.6. Get back to the server

The best solution is to to sneak to the server.

Video walkthrough.

Rewards: 542,400 Followers, Sweatshirt East Beast.

After completing Shanghaied you will get or will be able to get another operation - Motherload.