W4tched Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

Sometimes, you have to cut loose, and DedSec needs some R&R.


A total of 350,000 Followers, Button-Up Shirt Landscaper, T-Shirt FedSec.

Prior operations

W4tched will or may be obtained during Hacker War.


1. Meet DedSec at the Thalassa Bar

2. Locate who's spying on DedSec

Go outside the bar and turn left. There is a suspicious van guarded by a few men.

3. Download data from the spy

Go to the upper level of the building behind the van and hide inside a small bay. You should stay undetected when hidden there. It will take some time to download required data, and at some point guards will start a search for you.

4. Abandon the van

When you leave the area, you will get two more operations: Eye For An Eye (main operation) and Rodentia Academy (side operation).

Rewards: 36,000 Followers, Button-Up Shirt Landscaper.

5. Meet Wrench in the cafe

6. Select "Cabbie for Hire" in the Driver SF App.

Marcus needs some time away from prying eyes to talk to Miranda. He decides to take her for a pleasant drive.

6.1. Acquire this vehicle to pick up Miranda.

Go to the location and enter the car.

6.2. Pick up Miranda

Drive up to the place where Miranda is waiting for a cab.

6.3. Drive Miranda to her mother's house

Miranda will tell Marcus how to gain access to FBI office.

Reward: 36,000 Followers.

7. Gain access to Dellums Towers

DedSec wants to learn about FBI surveillance starting with the HQ in Dellum Towers, so reach the mysterious contact using a pay phone.

8. Investigate the FBI

8.1. Reach the FBI floor

Enter the building ...

... and use this elevator.

8.2. Plant a transceiver on the antenna

The staircase leading to the roof is behind that door.

Find the main terminal, unfortunately it's locked.

Activate the security router above, it will start another "set nodes" puzzle.

To activate the circuit you need to press the button inside the pillar.

Now you can install a transceiver.

8.3. Download spying post data from FBI server

9. Leave the FBI building / Escape your pursuers

Return to the elevator and go down and leave the building. There is a chance that entrance lobby is now a restricted area and guards are patrolling it. In that case, at the beginning try to hide and sneak, a while you will be detected run as fast as you can.

Reward: 36,000 Followers.

10. Reach the antenna

DedSec is on the trail of the not-so-secret FBI surveillance center by using radio triangulation. You and Wrench are all about disrupting FBI activities.

Go the the area marked on your map.

11. Plant a transceiver on the antenna

Walk up to the antenna and activate the security router, it will start another "set nodes" puzzle.

12. Infiltrate the FBI hideout

If you have RC Quadcopter then you can fly into the building through one of the small windows, and acquire access key to the front door from one of the guards.

12.1. Retrieve Wrench's mask

Wrench's mask lies on the desk in central, the biggest room of the building. You can try to distract the guard and steal the mask.

12.2. Download the FBI data

To be able to download the data, you need to hack this terminal first.

Then you can access the small room with the server and start downloading the data. Marcus has to be in range.

Video walkthrough.

13. Return mask to Wrench

Go to the location marked on your map. Wrench is waiting for you in the garden located on the roof of the building.

Rewards: 242,000 Followers, T-Shirt FedSec.